Ubuntu for Phones Preview

It appears that some unexpected faces have shown up the world’s biggest mobile event. The Ubuntu for phones crew showed up at MWC and showed off their impressive looking UI in a Nexus 4.

I love the simple yet beautiful UI as well as the generous use of screen real estate. Also, yay for the return of off screen swiping. Since the days of WebOS, I miss being able to use the corners of the screen. It appears that swiping from the left brings up favorite apps. The right side flips between apps. The top shows a glorious array of full phone settings. The bottom appears to be an app setting or manipulation menu. But in any case, I like what I see. And that lock screen is filled to the brim with customization options.

Don’t go busting out your Nexus 4 yet, though. This is a very early build without the ability to use cell data and us apparently very buggy. But this is one to keep an eye on.

Check out this hands on video via PocketNow:


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