Next-Gen Sponge Material: Upsalite

In addition to confirmation of the worlds strongest material scientists have apparently discovered the worlds most absorbent material. Named after its origin University in Uppsala, Sweden, Upsalite is a powdered form of Magnesium Carbonate which is so porous that should you manage to “stretch out” the actual material present in a gram of it, it would reach out 800 square meters, which is as large as this yacht. It is also completely devoid of water, which lends to its highly absorbent nature.

The team was apparently trying to create new ways of delivering medication, and mistakenly left some equipment on. When they came back, they found the material. What do you do when you see a strange material that formed overnight? Do science on it of course! Not only is this material more absorbs than anyone thought possible, but its also rather cheap to produce. In any case, upsalite is an important discovery with numerous benefits. It will certainly help with oil spill cleanups, developing medicine, keeping water away from sensitive electronics, among many other possibilities. Yay for accidental science!



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